Shad​[​]​wB​[​]​x - BLUE BRAIN

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Blue Brain is an underground electro-goth classic playing out to a smoke filled Brooklyn dancefloor.
Resolutely catchy, haunting and extremely succint at just over 2 minutes long.

Blue Brain was the first track to appear online from rising NYC star Shad[]wB[]x (Bonnie Baxter), now mixed again and remastered for the CYCLE #10 Compilation.

Already tipped by Rough Trade UK featuring on their famous Portobello "wall" of recommendations and on the latest Rough Trade Mix, Shad[]wB[]x has since released her new 3 track Lady Doome EP and posted a set of extraordinary demo material on YouTube of herself and her beloved Korg Electribe.

Lady Doome EP (Free Download) -
Shad[]wB[]x on YouTube (new material - demos);
"CO" - Watch here -
"D60" - Watch here -
Shad[]wB[]x Tumblr -

"The oddly monikered Shad[]wb[]x is actually the brilliantly named Bonnie Baxter, a Brooklyn-based musician making creepy DIY electro-pop that recalls Suicide and Santigold. Her new Lady Doome EP can be downloaded for free from SoundCloud and features the crawling Ceilings OFF and the slow-burn Loit. Best of all is opener Screenz, which ups the bpm, Baxter's echoey vocals layered over pinging beats, while the slightly mysterious hook of "who knows the story of my kind" rattling in the mix. "
The Guardian


from CYCLE #10 Compilation: CURATED BY TELEPATHE, released November 7, 2011



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