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Giovanni Marks is an elusive wanderer originally from LA but often found trampling Europe to feed his insatiable artistic appetite.
Subtitle is what happens to him when he makes beats and raps over them sometimes solo sometimes with compadres.
Last spotted in Berlin then Brussels, Subtitle's sound delves into the leftfield hip hop of men like Anti-Pop-Consortium or The Pharcyde but brings with it an appreciation of psych drone experimentation or horroshow collisions like Odd Future.

"Consistent Knock" was originally released on Subtitle's TRUNK BEAT$ LP (Get Crev).
The GET CREV Imprint is dedicated to Subtitle's audio artistic pursuits that he chooses to "do the DIY thing with."
His latest LP "s.h.a.r.k. BRIEF" was released this June 2011 as an abridged version of his full "s.h.a.r.k. BAIT" album featuring the likes of Uncle Imani from The Pharcyde.

Be sure to keep up with Subtitle's "Crev Wave" loop excursions regularily posted on Giovanni's Subtitle Soundcloud account.

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"I like looking for things. I'm not looking for something in particular, but if I find it then you'll find it on my site. I write about stuff, make music and tell you how to do stuff without others knowing, in other words I spread INFORMATION."
Giovanni Marks


from CYCLE #10 Compilation: CURATED BY TELEPATHE, released November 7, 2011



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