Alphabets Heaven is Jonny Wildey, Brighton based producer and multi-instrumentalist currently hotly tipped by the likes of Ninja Records (UK) and King's Deluxe (USA).

Always funky like a psychedelic experiment using synths and drum machines as the tools. Alphabets is now getting love from the beats/hip hop scene who appreciate his leaning towards organic, soulful loops. As a live performer, his drum machine work is unparalleled: he plays like a man possessed by funk itself.

Alphabets released his debut LP "Jay's Odyssey" on King's Deluxe.
"Jay’s Odyssey is a story in the style of old PS1 and Megadrive platform games… Jay starts off in a garden, and by meeting some fractured and fragmented characters journeys to alphabet’s heaven. It’s a look at the computer games Alphabets spent years playing; the jagged structure of them, and the kind of mindspace you find yourself in after directing a blue pixellated hedgehog for 5 hours."

Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/alphabetsheaven
Twitter - @alphabetsheaven
YouTube - www.youtube.com/alphabetsheaven

"Functioning as an excursion into leftfield territory, KOPS plays like a video game with a 16-bit synth palette punctuated by power-up bloops and a swung-out and broken rhythm. The resulting sound stands somewhere between LA's beat scene and UK grime."


from CYCLE #10 Compilation: CURATED BY TELEPATHE, released November 7, 2011



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