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Riz Maslen has been part of the electronic music scene since 1996, moving to London during the heady days of the Rave Scene where she met and worked with ambient kings Future Sound of London, featuring on many of their albums, and singing on Top of the Pops with their hit “Papua New Guinea”.

She signed to Ninja Tune’s sister label Ntone in 1996, and released three critically acclaimed albums, culminating in a fourth released in 2004 on highly respected U.S. independent label Mush - “White Rabbits”.

In 2000 Riz set up her own independent label Council Folk Recordings with long time collaborator Paul Jason Fredericks and has released under the name Frederick and Nina, along with Dose One from Clouddead.

Not only does Riz write and perform the music, she also produces photographic slides and (Super 8) films as part of her live set-up to create a cinematic, multi-media experience. Her work is often highly personal and about ‘journeys through life’ of her own.

Her latest film for "The Horse Trainer" was made in the wake of London's 2011 riots and takes us on a bleak train ride "away from the city".

Riz at present is working on visuals for her Etchasketch live shows in collaboration with 10sui and has just released the Neotropic remix LP "Equestrienne Remixes".



from CYCLE #10 Compilation: CURATED BY TELEPATHE, released November 7, 2011



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